Every hero or heroine needs a sidekick. Everyone who journeys needs a guide.


Fierce is coming soon. 

 PR: I have written press releases that get published and attract attention for clients from the Mayo Clinic to law firms to child care centers. Let's tell a story the media can't pass up.


 Marketing collateral: from brochures to website copy, annual reports to event speeches, I can create turns of phrase that will make your audience turn for a second look. 


 Life Stories:  Do you want to leave a legacy to your family? Do you have a story from your life that has a farther reach? Have you had a spiritual awakening, survived great adversity, known someone notable, or had adventures that should have earned you an Indiana Jones hat? Have you had what most might call an uneventful life, but one from which you've captured enduring truth?  I want to collaborate with you to make your life story a singing, brilliant triumph. Most people are too close to their own life stories to articulate them the way they intend. A collaborator can help bring to light the story-within-the story and the issues that need a voice.  I also have industry contacts with publishers, agents and others and can put together a publicity plan to get your story out there.Let's build a fantastic audience for your story.


Grant Writing:  I have written successful grants for nearly every kind of nonprofit, from an AIDS charity in Georgia to a group fighting childhood obesity in Massachusetts, to a documentary film company in California, to a character education program in Michigan, and many more.  As a grant writer, I provide research, writing, submission and consulting to my clients and my initial fee keeps me on your team for up to a year. I insist on helping develop a comprehensive fund development strategy -- grants cannot serve as any organization's sole source of funding. It's not quick, cheap or easy, but it is worth it in the end.


 Writing for Artists: I specialize in creating interviews with musicians, performance artists and visual artists and submitting them to trade and commercial publications. I have interviewed jazz musicians, singer/songwriters,  spoken word artists, actors and visual artists for local and national publications. I ask insightful questions and work with the artist to make the article truly reflect his or her artistic vision, while still maintaining journalistic integrity.


 Journalism/PR: I have been a working journalist for eleven years, specializing in community and social issues, the arts and entertainment, faith and religion and lifestyle articles. My work has appeared in several local and national publications. I have also written over fifty corporate biography and public relations articles for nonprofit and small business clients. I also have several PR firm clients and love working with them to write attention-getting press releases and other press materials with high impact.

Facebook and Twitter are essential tools for connecting with customers, clients and partners. I provide update service for social networking sites for a variety of businesses.


Blogger: One way to build audience is through multiple channels. If we create a blog post, let's turn it into a PowerPoint presentation for SlideShare, a video for YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, a podcast for iTunes, and more. We'll position your organization in the lead. Contact me today to get started! 

Widgets and other Misc.

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